Blue Sapphire Gemstone – Neelam Gemstone

The blue sapphire belongs to the corundum family and is identical to the Gems like Ruby and white sapphire. Being siblings, all three stones may be found in the same mine sometimes and may observe the colour of each other. However, the only dimension used to tell them apart is the hardness. Blue sapphire is harder as compared to the other stones belonging to the corundum clan. Blue sapphire crystals are accessible on the twelve-sided prism. Typically this stone is accessible in the blue colour, but natural fancy sapphires are also available in yellow, orange, green, and purple colour.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Blue Sapphire Gemstone?
  • It lessens the negative impact of the planet Saturn.
  • It proves to be a support during Shani Dasha, Sade Sati & Shani Dhaiya.
  • It activates the throat chakra and third eye chakra.
  • It lessens the punishment of bad karmas and encourages you to perform good karmas.
  • It makes you logical and helps you understand any topic/subject profoundly.
  • It brings wisdom, discipline, dutifulness, maturity, decisiveness, a strong sense of responsibility, discriminating ability, and hardworking nature.
  • It gets immense business success and makes you tough competition in the market.
  • It fills you with ambition – whereby – you achieve record-breaking success.
  • It helps you achieve the desired level, reputation and name & fame in the chosen field.
  • It removes poverty and fetches wealth, luxuries & abundance.
  • It prevents financial losses and helps you recover stuck payments.
  • It makes your aura positive, powerful and appealing.
  • It creates a protective layer around and prevents evil eye, jealousy, hexing, and Tantric attacks.
  • It promotes awareness, thus, transforming life positively.
  • It removes confusion and promotes mental clarity, so you take the right decisions only in business and personal life.
  • It makes you strong both physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • You conceive a practical and calculative approach that improves your performance and productivity at work.
  • It makes you patient, calm, and mature; thus, you never feel shaken with problems and face/resolve them sensibly.
  • It blesses with sound health and longevity.
  • It strengthens bones, teeth, feet, ribs, hair, and nails, etc. It is also a powerful remedy for diseases like migraine, sinus, paralyses, insanity, bronchitis, rheumatism, gout, and neuron/psychological disorders.