Emerald Gemstone – Panna Gemstone

The green coloured stone belongs to the family of beryl gems. Emerald is a silicate of aluminium and beryllium. However, finding a genuine and flawless emerald is such a task since most of the emerald stones are artificial, defective and cracked. An authentic emerald has a specific high gravity, fine transparency, velvety texture, and rich green colour, which it gets from the chromic Exide.

What are the Benefits of Wearing an Emerald Gemstone?
  • It makes the planet Mercury favourable.
  • It supports during the Dasha of Mercury.
  • It enhances your luck and supports you in anything you endeavour.
  • It sharpens your mind and makes you witty, intellectual, astute, and logical.
  • It blesses you with eloquent ability or excellent communication skills.
  • It makes you divinely creative, artistic, imaginative, and skilled.
  • It is a boon for students that gets success in education and helps them to score higher.
  • It develops focus & concentration and never lets you distract.
  • It increases grasping power, thus, helping in learning the lessons quickly and effortfully.
  • It brushes up your hidden talents, abilities and skills.
  • It gets you prolific and beneficial ideas and insights.
  • It improves your ability to present yourself.
  • It gets success in sales, marketing, digital marketing, information technology, science, astrology, numerology, mathematics, speaking engineering, trading and commission business, etc.
  • It makes you an excellent singer, writer & poet.
  • It gets success, profits, gains& recognition in business & job.
  • It attracts a lot of opportunities, potential customers and footfall.
  • It keeps you joyous, playful, and cheerful.
  • It keeps you attractive, beautiful and youthful.
  • It brings love, warmth, playfulness, and enjoyment to relationships.
  • It keeps up health and is especially useful for diseases related to the brain, lungs, respiratory system, skin and neuron issues, etc.