Hessonite Gemstone – Gomed Gemstone

Hessonite is a silicate of zirconium and is also known as Zircon. It is commonly found in igneous rocks but is indeed a rare gemstone to get. This stone is a substitute for an auspicious diamond. Sharing the same rich lustre, transparency, and waxy adamantine finish both the stones perfectly twin each other. Usually, the Hessonite is accessible and used in a cow’s urine or honey-like colour, but it is as well available in colours like red, green, yellow, blue, brown, and orange. Colourless, white, blue, and green Hessonite stones are associated with Rahu. Similar to the rutile and cassiterite it has two axes of equal length and the third unequal. All three axes are at right angles to one another that making it easy for the gem cutters to give it a fine shape so it may increase the grace of the jewel.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Hessonite Gemstone?
  • It lessens the ill effects of planet Rahu.
  • It supports you during the Dashas of Rahu.
  • It is capable of giving Dharma (righteousness), Artha (prosperity), Kama (pleasures) & Moksha (salvation).
  • It makes you divinely intelligent, logical, and sharp-minded.
  • It gets you out of the complex and boosts confidence and a natural personality.
  • It makes you excellent at planning and problem-solving.
  • It makes you daring enough to accept any challenge.
  • It makes you work harder without getting exhausted, with which you certainly reach your goals.
  • It makes sure that you reap the fruit of your efforts and hard work.
  • It protects from evil energies, negative energies, black magic, hexing, and the evil eye.
  • It gets heights& success in politics, law, science, writing, computer, engineering, and other professions.
  • It helps you get the name & fame in the desired field.
  • It secures success in any competition.
  • It gets considerable success in business, sales & marketing and trading.
  • It gets amazing & creative ideas & insights.
  • It keeps anxieties, depression, tensions, and worries at bay.
  • It produces immense energy inside – as well as – giving the sense to utilize the energy productively.
  • It blesses with material pleasures and all that is required to live an ideal life.
  • It gets success in the occult field like Tantra, Mantra, Reiki Healing, and similar.
  • It treats undiagnosed diseases and keeps you healthy throughout.
  • It also treats health problems like skin disorders, cancer, varicose veins, leprosy, epilepsy, sinus, haemorrhoids, intestinal issues, blood pressure, psychological disorders, and so on.
  • It is a support for those having psychological problems, fears & phobias.
  • It prevents separations, arguments and fights in a relationship.