Cat’s Eye Gemstone – Lehsunia Gemstone

It is an aluminate of beryllium – a mixture of aluminium and beryllium. The Chrysoberyl mineral produces three sorts of gems namely Alexandrite, Cat’s Eye, and Chrysolite. Belonging to one source, all three varieties have different effects on the wearer. The cat’s eye is the most popular of all three. It receives its astute green and brownish colour from the oxide of iron and chromium. However, this stone is accessible in other colours also like yellow, black, grey, white, and dark & smoky green with a common feature in all that is a cord of light moving across the stone. The cord of light shines & emits different colours, but the white lustre is supreme among all.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone?
  • It makes the planet Ketu favourable in the horoscope.
  • It supports you in the Dasha(s) of Ketu and helps you overcome suffering.
  • It develops an interest in religious/spiritual practices and social service. It also ensures success in spiritual practices, like meditation, worshipping, chanting, occult practices, Tantra practice, and similar.
  • It enhances your intuition, imagination, thinking, and physic &forecasting ability.
  • It gets courage, sense, and wisdom with which you can handle any situation easily.
  • It fetches luck and dispels bad luck. Sometimes, it brings unexpected and sudden gains.
  • It blesses you with health, wealth, abundance, and cattle.
  • It gets success in speculation, gambling, trading, share market, etc.
  • It gives research-ability and helps you make critical & deep researches which fetch success in the related fields.
  • It also brings huge profits & gains in business.
  • It lessens unnecessary wandering, nightmares, fears, anxiety & stress, thus, promoting self-awareness &mental peace.
  • It develops focus by removing distractions.
  • It is a powerful amulet that protects from the evil eye, evil spirits, enemies, hexing, tantric attacks, sudden death, mishappenings, accidents, etc.
  • It removes complaints and disharmony and develops love & harmony in relationships.
  • It saves you from addiction and wicked habits such as smoking, drinking and drug consumption, etc.
  • It removes obstacles from foreign travel, education, love and career, etc.
  • It gets pleasure here and salvation hereafter.
  • It makes you satisfied with whatever you have and inclines you towards divine bliss more.
  • It improves relationships and prevents separation, disputes and disharmony.
  • Cat’s eye is a healing stone that fights against critical diseases like cancer, anorexia, paralysis, neuron disorders. It also treats digestive disorders, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, speech defects, deafness, fevers, asthma, low blood pressure, low pulse rate, weak immunity, etc.