Ruby Gemstone – Manik Gemstone

Ruby gemstone or Manikya occupies the seat of the king among gemstones. The royal stone belongs to the corundum family. Do not get deluded by its silky appearance; actually, this gem is solid with a hardness of nine on a scale of ten. It possesses high definite gravity viz., 3.9-4.1 & 1.76 to 1.77 is its refractive index. Aluminium and oxygen are two essential ingredients that together constitute the rich ruby gem. Usually, Ruby is accessible& admired in imperial red colour, but pink and a deep ruddy violet colour are two other accessible shades of it. Its delicate & silky red colour stems from the gentle chemistry of chromium and iron. The pure red ruby is considered highly auspicious as per expert gemologists.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Ruby Gemstone?
  • It gets you courage, confidence, and leadership qualities; hence, it is highly beneficial for those who are introverted and unable to confront the outer world.
  • Ruby makes your personality so bold, powerful & appealing that makes others your followers.
  • It ensures that you do not get any trouble or harm from the side of the government; it improves relationships with government officials and higher authorities.
  • It gets you success in politics, social service and other public services.
  • It helps to get a government job.
  • It makes you fortunate and ensures victory in every competition.
  • It helps to achieve a higher position in your field.
  • It makes you authoritative & responsible.
  • It gets you out of past regrets and helps to start afresh.
  • It levels up your status, living standard, and social image.
  • It ignites your inner fire, thus, you become hardworking, objective & goal-oriented.
  • It gets immense mental clarity, thus, helping to make the right decisions, discriminate between the good &bad, get facts, and do other mental chores.
  • It makes you a perfectionist in everything – be it – profession, relationships, lovemaking, education or living life in general.
  • It improves & strengthens relationships with the father, father figures, boss, and higher authority.
  • It adds divine charm to your personality and enhances physical appearance, facial lustre, and emanating personality that others cannot overlook.
  • It prevents skin problems and blesses radiant skin.
  • It enhances masculine powers, vigour, and overall physical performance.
  • It gets you a name & fame in the desired field.
  • It helps to earn more & more money, luxuries, vehicles, and all comforts.
  • It helps to live a king-like life.
  • It treats several diseases like neuron problems, skin disorders, eye-related problems, pains, tuberculosis, boils, ulcers, constipation, heart diseases, loss of appetite, and many others. When the planet sun is favourable, ailments do not catch you easily.
  • It gets you continuous growth in life.