White Pearl Gemstone

The white pearl gemstone derives from the mollusc present inside the sea. The mollusc produces a pearl of substantial size in many years. The lengthy process of pearl formation is quite delicate so is its effect. The Mollusc covers the object with multiple layers of nacre. Even a minor disturbance, at any moment, throughout the formation process may affect the shape and lustre of the natural pearl. As per Tantrics, when the rain in Svati Nakshatra falls on the earth for the first time, it enables oysters to produce precious pearls. When the rainwater falls on the earth, the mollusc opens up its chops to receive the drops then pearl comes out of it.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Pearl Gemstone?
  • It nullifies the adverse effects of the planet moon.
  • It makes you fortunate in every matter.
  • It attracts ample wealth, luxuries, comforts, name & fame.
  • White Pearl Gemstone keeps you beautiful, charming, and youthful all along.
  • It calms the mind & nerves, thus, helping you present a calming yet confident disposition.
  • It is anti-anger, hence, controls excessive rage in all situations.
  • It is a panacea for neuron & psychological problems.
  • It promotes love, romance & sensuality.
  • It brings harmony, love, romance & spark in conjugal relationships.
  • It makes love life blissful & joyful. Also, it attracts the desired love or life partner.
  • It keeps you joyful and content with a big cute smile on your face.
  • It improves & strengthens relations with the mother, motherly figures, and ladies in general.
  • It makes you highly intuitive & psyche; you could become a successful psychic healer, psychiatrist or consultant.
  • It makes you imaginative, creative, artistic, and talented.
  • It makes you a good actor & performer.
  • It keeps emotions under control and gets you out of past emotional traumas, separation pangs and breakup mourn.
  • It prevents nightmares, night sweating, fears & phobias (especially water-related fears, phobias & dangers); it also lessens the threat of spirits, ghosts, and thieves.
  • It eliminates anxieties, depressions, and mental burdens, thus, promoting sound sleep.
  • It instils inside the feeling and passion of serving others.
  • It has health benefits also; it proves helpful in treating diseases like kidney disorders, diabetes, asthma, migraine, hypertension, pancreatitis, ocular problem, women’s diseases, etc.