7 Mukhi Rudraksha – Indonesia

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha is indeed a divine bead. It holds energy/blessings of Saturn, Anant Mahalakshmi, Kamadeva, Saptrishi, and 7 Mythological snakes. From aeon, Saat Mukhi Rudraksha has been a favourite of saints. It is widely used to lessen the malefic results of planet Saturn or during the Saturn Dasha. It is a money magnet which attracts & increases money. Overall, it removes negative out of life and attracts only positive.

Benefits of 7 Mukhi Rudraksha – Indonesia:

The benefits of Seven Mukhi Rudraksha are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It exalts the planet Saturn.
  • It lessens the adverse results of Sadhe Sati.
  • It balances the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • It lessens hardships & sufferings in life.
  • It attracts money, luxuries, abundance & opportunities.
  • It wipes out poverty, worries, lacks, obstacles, and delays.
  • It lessens anxieties, tensions, stress, and burdens.
  • It helps shun the false ego, hyperactivity, and jealousy.
  • It endows the wearer with all the prosperity, health, wealth & status.
  • It gets apparent growth in career & business.
  • It helps you earn enough money.
  • It takes your business to the new heights.
  • It helps you succeed in the desired field.
  • It gives you a remarkable sense of understanding and doing things creatively.
  • It gets a calm and stable mind which promotes better decision-making.
  • It adds stability in career, relationships, and life.
  • It also gets success in politics or fields in which public support is required.
  • It prevents snake bite or bites of other poisonous insects/animals.
  • It brings harmony and unity in relationships.
  • It improves & strengthens conjugal/love relationships.
  • It is best to treat diseases such as impotency, Asthma, Seasonal Allergies, foot-related issues, digestive disorders, stomach problems, diabetes, adrenal gland, and pancreas, etc.
  • In women, it prevents miscarriages, abortions, and problems in conceiving.
  • It improves sexual performance & pleasure.
  • It replaces negativity with positivity and changes your viewpoint towards life.

7 Faced Rudraksha – Nepal

Seven Mukhi – a highly regarded Rudraksha by saints boasts energies of Saturn, Anant Mahalakshmi, Kamadeva, Saptrishi, and 7 Mythological snakes. It works as a safeguard during the daunting period of Saturn, such as Saturn Dasha, Sadhe Sati or Shani Dhaiya. 7-Mukhi believed to attract money; it removes famines and gives ample resources and wealth.

7 Faced Rudraksha – Nepal:

The benefits of Seven Mukhi Premium Rudraksha are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It is an ultimate remedy to calm the cruel planet Saturn. Due to its association with the planet Saturn, it makes Saturn periods such as Sadhe Sati fruitful.
  • In Chakras, it balances the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • It works as a red cross at the time of distress and removes hardships & sufferings.
  • It dispels poverty and fetches money, luxuries, opportunities, comforts, status, and abundance; in business, it does wonder by taking the business to new heights.
  • It removes obstacles, hardships, worries, and delays.
  • With the grace of this Rudraksha, you reap the fruit of your hard work.
  • It is a treatment against anxieties, stress, depression, and sleep disorders.
  • It dispels false ego, hyperactivity, jealousy, and other wicked feelings.
  • It makes the mind mature, sensible, and discriminative, thus, improves decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • It is a base for a stable life, career and relationships.
  • It attracts potential people towards you, thus, gets you success in the field in which public support and involvement is required.
  • It is a talisman that guards against the evil eye, black magic, Tantrik attacks, and the threat of snakebite.
  • It treats sexual disorders, increases libido, and lets you have lasting and satisfying sexual intercourse.
  • It also treats asthma, allergies, impotency, digestive disorders, stomach diseases, diabetes, pancreas, adrenal glands, and miscarriages.

Seven Mukhi Premium Rare Rudraksha

Seven Mukhi Premium Rare Rudraksha.