9 Mukhi Rudraksha – Indonesia

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with Lord Bhairva and sage Kapil. It also symbolizes Navdurga (nine forms of Devi Durga), Navagraha (nine planets), Navantha, Navdha Bhakti (nine types of devotion), Navnidhi, and Lord Yama. It is a highly energetic bead. There is nothing which this divine Rudraksha cannot give its wearer. It is a great guard which protects one from mishappenings and inauspicious incidents.

Benefits of 9 Mukhi Rudraksha – Indonesia:

The benefits of Nine Mukhi Rudraksha are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It exalts the planet Ketu.
  • It balances all nine planets.
  • It activates the Crown Chakra.
  • It cuts the sins and bad Karmas.
  • It helps you accumulate good Karmas.
  • It helps in achieving material and spiritual benefits.
  • It makes one fearless, brave, courageous, firm, and sensible.
  • It gives a powerful and impressive personality.
  • It gives massive energy along with a sense to channelize and use it properly.
  • It helps one brush up creativity and skills.
  • It removes the fear of life & death and lets one sport about freely.
  • It develops focus and removes distractions.
  • It helps in manifesting your desires & goals.
  • It makes you goal-oriented, ambitious, and optimistic.
  • It improves your social skills and circle.
  • It helps you gain respect & honour.
  • It prevents mishappenings and bad events.
  • It increases your ability to build a relationship with people.
  • It helps to learn foreign languages; hence, it is especially beneficial for students pursuing any language course, such as IELTS, PTE, or so.
  • It effectively treats diseases related to the lungs, eyes, brain/neuron issues, skin, childbirth issues & breast issues, etc.
9 Faced Rudraksha – Nepal

Nine Mukhi Rudraksha boasts energy of nine forms of Durga, nine planets, nine types of devotion, Navnidhi, Navantha, and Lord Yama. It is also associated with Lord Bhairava and Kapil Muni. This immensely powerful Rudraksha gives everything to the wearer plus protects from any mishappenings, sorrows and poverty.

Difference between Nepali, Indonesian, Indian, and Papua Rudraksha:

Size: Nepali, Indian & Papua Rudraksha are bigger in size.

Lines: Lines and internal seeds/partitions are clear in Nepali, Indian & Papua Rudraksha.

Texture: Nepali, Indian & Papua Rudrakshas feel rough whereas Indonesia Rudraksha feel smooth.

Benefits of Nine Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha:

The benefits of Nine Mukhi Nepali Rudraksha are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It is an easy remedy for Ketu plus calms all other planets.
  • It arouses Kundalini power.
  • It demolishes bad karmas and sins committed in the past birth.
  • It increases merits and good Karmas.
  • It removes fears & nervousness, thus, makes you courageous, confronting, sensible, and determined.
  • It is an all-rounder bead that blesses with material and spiritual benefits.
  • It adds charm and attraction to your personality with which you impress everyone out there.
  • It puffs you up with immense energy and a sense to utilize it constructively.
  • It makes you more creative, innovative, dexterous, ambitious & goal-oriented.
  • It helps you learn new skills and languages.
  • It makes you free of the fear of life & death.
  • It promotes remarkable mental stability & concentration.
  • It fulfils your desires, dreams & goals.
  • It gives you external support and expands your social circle.
  • It guards against negative energies, evil eye, and bad events.
  • It is a panacea for diseases like childbirth issues, breast issues, lungs, eyes, brain/neuron diseases and skin issues, etc.
Nine Mukhi Premium Rare Rudraksha

Nine Mukhi Premium Rare Rudraksha