Golden Pearl Gemstone


The Golden Pearl derives from the mollusc present inside the sea. The mollusc produces a Golden Pearl of substantial size in many years. The lengthy process of Golden Pearl formation is quite delicate so is its effect. The Mollusc covers the object with multiple layers of nacre. Even a minor disturbance, at any moment, throughout the formation process may affect the shape and lustre of the natural Golden Pearl. As per Tantrics, when the rain in Svati Nakshatra falls on the earth for the first time, it enables oysters to produce precious Golden Pearls. When the rainwater falls on the earth, the mollusc opens up its chops to receive the drops then Golden Pearl comes out of it.

How to identify a genuine Golden Pearl?

Genuine Golden Pearl Attributes –

Milky White Color, Lustra, Fine Round Shape, Compact, Soft, Smooth, Brilliant, Attractive, Glamour, Flawless.

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Golden Pearl?

  • It balances the moon & Jupiter in the horoscope; additionally, it gives the results of the Moon & Jupiter conjunction.
  • The golden pearl brings divine luck to your life and makes it work in every aspect of life.
  • One never remains deprived of wealth, luxuries, and paraphernalia with the grace of this meritorious pearl.
  • The beauty of the wearer of this pearl shines differently in the crowds.
  • It is an ultimate remedy to remove delays in marriage; it not only makes marriage happen early but blesses the desired husband. Adding more to its benefits, golden pearl keeps love & romance alive.
  • It also removes the problems in married and domestic life; it creates harmony in relationships. Pearl is a beneficial stone to improve relationships with ladies.
  • Golden pearl is an overall beneficial and luck-enhancing remedy for ladies.
  • For businessmen, it is a fortunate remedy that helps you operate the business with a cool head and generate huge profits. Not only businessmen, but people who easily get angry can experience positive changes in their behaviour and overall psyche.
  • It leaves no space for grief and makes life joyful and entertaining.
  • Keeping the mind calm, it helps you achieve success in spiritual & intuitive fields. Pearl can also give you fame in your respective field or the entertainment industry.

    In which metal to wear Golden Pearl?

    • Silver or gold is suitable to mount the Golden Pearl.

    In which finger to wear Golden Pearl?

    • Prefer to wear Golden Pearl gem on the index finger.

    What are the other methods to wear Golden Pearl?

    • Wear it as a bracelet.
    • Wear it around the neck.
    • Keep it in the purse or pocket.
    • Keep it under the pillow or mattresses.

    What is the Mantra for Golden Pearl?

    Mantra: “Aum Gram Greem Grom She Gurve Namha”

    Chant the given mantra 11,000 times to charge the Golden Pearl.

    How to wear Golden Pearl? How to charge Golden Pearl?

    Here are some rituals to perform for wearing a Golden Pearl:

    • Purchase the Golden Pearl on a Monday or Thursday in the ascending moon cycle or when the moon is in Pushya, Rohinim Hast, or Shravan Nakshatra. If any of these mentioned Nakshatras falling on a Thursday or Sunday, the time is good to purchase the Golden Pearl. However, do not buy the Golden Pearl on a Saturday in any condition.
    • The Golden Pearl shall be a minimum of 1/8 gm or .59 carats in weight or more than this. One shall not buy a Golden Pearl of seven or eight rattikas or carats. Buy the genuine Golden Pearl merely for desired results.
    • On the same day, give the Golden Pearl to the Jeweller and ask him to mount it in a ring made up of gold. Make certain the back of the ring is open; so the Golden Pearl could touch the skin of the finger of the wearer.
    • Once the ring is ready, put it in raw milk of cow for some time – wash it with the holy water of Ganga, rainwater, spring water or water kept in the copper pot – keep the ring on the white cloth, Jupiter & Moon Yantra is drawn over which using sandalwood paste.
    • Place a proper engraved Moon & Jupiter Yantras or else place their idols – place the ring on the Yantras and worship it duly by offering flowers & incense and reciting the mentioned Moon & Jupiter Mantras 108 times. Invite a priest to perform this worship and other rituals or else perform them yourself.
    • Once done with the worship and rites, wear the ring on the little finger of the right hand in the evening time when the moon is rising.